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 Interested in Ordering Busbin Fine Home Furnishings?

For more than 20 years, Busbin has been operating with the utmost integrity and demanding the highest quality standards.  No matter what size, each order receives the same level of care and attention.  We will provide you personalized service to guide you through the process.  

Below outlines the process and terms of an order with Busbin Fine Home Furnishings.  If you have additional questions, please email us at [email protected] or give us a call 704-374-0536

We look forward to working with you.


Order Process and Terms:  

Initiating the OrderContact Busbin through email or simply by calling us directly at 704-374-0536

NOTE:  Furniture pieces can be ordered with the color/finish to be decided as long as you know which items as well as the dimensions, as it takes approximately 10 weeks before pieces are ready for the finishing process.  Upon initiating the order, the finish/color will be noted as TBD and can be added to your order at a later time.  This provides you plenty of time to decide on the finish while your items are being made.

Order Processing:  To process an order, we require a 50% deposit. We accept checks and most major credit cards.  Remaining Balance and shipping costs are due when items are complete and ready for shipment.


Shipping costs include pickup and delivery of items as well as all associated insurance costs.  We ship anywhere in the US as well as international.  

Accessory Items:  Shipping charges for accessory items that ship FedEx or UPS bill at 10-18% of purchase price based on shipping geographic location.

Furniture and Other Large Items:  Shipping charges for furniture and other large items that cannot ship through FedEx or UPS bill at 10-18% based on geographic location. All furniture and large items are shipped white glove, blanket wrapped through a contracted furniture delivery specialist. This service is available directly to a residence, store or receiver. Pieces will be placed in their desired location inside.  Once items are delivered and placed, pieces are ready to use. There is nothing to un-box, throw away, etc.  


Additional Information:

Busbin items are completely 100% handmade and finished. As a result,  each item and finish should be expected to have some variance.  Our furniture is also made from 100% real solid wood materials. Imperfections and splitting are normal characteristics of real solid wood and are not defects.  Real solid wood is a living material and even after being cut and dried properly for construction, wood will have continuous movement due from absorbing and releasing moisture relative to it's environment.  As a result, wood itself can shrink from dry air ( Lower Humidity Levels ) and this will cause stress cracking and splits to appear in the wood itself.  This in no way jeopardizes the construction, function or integrity of any piece and is purely cosmetic in nature.  The wood will also expand from moist air ( Higher Humidity Levels ) and as a result, will swell and tighten as a result.  Finally, as wood becomes more acclimated to it's environment, extreme movements normally will minimize.

Lead time on accessory items is generally 6-8 weeks from the date of deposit. Furniture and larger items are 16 weeks from the date of deposit. Lead time estimates are typical but are not guaranteed due to variables beyond our control.

Once your order has been processed into production, your order cannot be canceled and refunds are not given.

Orders of $700 or less are charged in full and orders over $700 will be charged a 50% deposit and balance plus freight when completed and ready for shipping.

Any items returned or refused in shipping will be subject to a return inspection. Items returned/refused that are found to be non-defective will carry a 25% return charge plus all applicable freight and will also be re-shipped to the customer.

We reserve the right to repair, replace, or refuse service of any item.  Coarse of action will be based solely on each items individual circumstance and situation.

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