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In a time where integrity and important principles are over looked and forgotten.

We have and continue to do business based on this quote.

"Doing things the right way isn't the easiest or fastest solution, however there's no question it's the right solution"

Russ Sides


Busbin products have been chosen for the finest homes and commercial projects for over 20 years. We design and build items, using the finest craftsmanship along with natural materials to create the most exclusive and best home furnishings available in the market. Whether, itís our furniture, lighting, artwork, or chairs, we handcraft statement pieces which become instant heirlooms.

Each piece is 100% hand-bench made and finished. No mass-produced manufacturing processes are used. At Busbin, our approach embraces the intrinsic nature of real wood's natural characteristics, therefore each piece is intended to be organic in nature and will exhibit unique character and charm.

Today, when mass-production and inferior materials have become the norm in order to simply satisfy a fashion, Busbinís approach is big picture thinking. We're committed to only the highest degree of design and quality, making timeless, original pieces that are not only unique in the market, but that are made to last. Busbin's pieces also go beyond today's customers requirements and offer luxurious function and features that are unmatched in the market. With Busbin Home Furnishings, you can expect the best in design, function, as well as the best quality money can buy......

Basically, when you're looking statement pieces for a home or project, and when only the best will do, Busbin Home Furnishings is the answer......
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